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The Asian adventures of Hlapić the Apprentice
Introduction The list of Croatian works of literature translated into Esperanto has grown enormously since 1912 when Fran Kolar Krom from Bjelovar first published August Šenoa’s The Goldsmith’s Treasure in Esperanto under the title Trezoro de l’oraĵisto in Zagreb. These are translations of works of literature into an international language constructed at the end of…
Vladimir Nazor – Cricket
Crackling, crackling, crackling cricket on dark bark of cade A deafening rasping trochee, an iambic drum… The noon reigns. Over the silence a smooth wave, a swell, Of the sunny dithyramb. “I drank the flaming sun today,” it sings. “My veins are swollen like a mountain stream. In my entrails a dark sea bobs and…

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